Lab Aberto BootCamp 2024

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  • Flexible Learning Spaces
  • FAB LAB HN assessment (Henriques Nogueira Secondary School)
  • National FAB LABs meeting

Date: 17 to 21 July 2024

Location: Lab Center – Torres Vedras – Portugal

Summary: This meeting, Lab Aberto Bootcamp 2024, has as its main motto the implementation of Informal Learning Environments, with the aim of identifying crucial strategies for its implementation, whether in a school, or in another business, industrial or institutional organization, whatever the topic of debate , study or learning. We will present diferent practical implementations of flexible learning spaces and gather audiences from different areas, from industry to local authorities, and including schools and the community in general.

Keywords: learning, networking, FAB LAB, school, informal learning, flexible learning spaces, public institutions, industry, community;

Technical details



      • Networking

      • FAB LAB HN internacional team assessment;

      • Discussion of crucial strategies for the development of flexible learning spaces in a public school;

      • Informal breakout rooms organized by themes, for brief exchange of ideas;

      • National Fab Lab national meeting.

    Type: unconference, team work, discussions, networking; workshops; presentations;

    Team: António Gonçalves; João Simões; Margarida Almeida; Liz Whitewolf

    Registration: after individual invitation, a registration link will be sent for confirmation

    Fee: 40 euros (50 euros with lunch)

    Keynote speakers:

    “Yellow room”, Patricia Castelhano

    “Change Makers Cascais” – NUCLIO – Priscilla Doran

    “Espaço flexível de aprendizagem” – FabLab Benfica – André Rocha

    Laura Rodrigues, City Hall Mayor – “Review of the collaboration with Lab Aberto Fab Lab and the future of FAB LAB HN project”

    Agenda: (to be updated soon)

    Morning: Talks


    Afternoon: breakout rooms, informal discussions on pragmatic solutions