NEXT saturday – Invitation – Final Session – Fab Experience 2021

Dear all,Just a reminder!

Next saturday its the Fab Experience 2021 last session where the projects will be presented.

We want to invite all of you to be present at the final session of Fab Experience 2021, organized by Lab Aberto Fab Lab, with our partners VIVA LAB (Fab Lab At Porto City), Arte Transformer and Arte Estudio Imaginário, and the sponsorship of Lab Center, MAUSER, Fab Foundation and Torres Vedras City Hall.

This session will take place in July 31st, from 16:00 to 17:30, with the presentation of the final projects:

  • Weather Station, Gonçalo Caetano
  • Artebot, Paulo Teixeira
  • “Arduino Project”, Jorge Ruas
  • “Amizade”, Cristina Antunes
  • “A implosão dos dinossauros”, Sofia Rodrigues
  • Closing session: Arte Estudio Imaginário, VivaLab, Lab Aberto Fab Lab;
  • Mauser, Marko Mauser
  • Fab Foundation, Liz Whitewolf
  • CMTV, Laura Rodrigues, City Hall President

Best regards

Lab Aberto Fab Lab Team